Rachel Dow

When Discipleship Looks Like Loss

I was part of a staff meeting at my local church to vision and plan for the upcoming year. We've been looking at discipleship, and what that means for us as leaders and for us as the body of Christ. We each read a short passage, and were asked to share our thoughts and share a little bit of background information about the passage. 

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May 28, 2018


When fellowship isn't comfortable

At church on Sunday, we talked about a word I had never heard before: koinonia. Little did I know, this was a word that I've been clinging onto.

A quick Google search of the Greek word "koinonia" will lead you to this definition: Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians. 

 1 . . .

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April 11, 2018

Intentional Community

I'm finally getting back into the swing of writing again, and it's been refreshing. It's been a chance to breathe. It's been a chance to collect my thoughts and to choose how I'm wanting the year to look. With the start of a new year, almost a whole month in, I loved that the word for Five Minute Friday was intentional. 

Ready? . . .

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January 19, 2018

As We Are

Life, I'm learning, is a series of journeys that bring us closer to the revelation of who we are. We're always looking for purpose. We're always looking for identity. Our hearts ache to discover who we really are and what our purpose really is. 

Identity. Purpose. These are powerful words that can be found in all . . .

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January 16, 2018

Christmas: A Thought

This is a time of year that's supposed to be happy and joyous. There's Christmas carols and family time and presents. Food and games and get-togethers and Christmas parties and concerts.

There is hustle and bustle during this season. There is the feeling of never having enough time. The feeling of the days slipping through our fingers . . .

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December 12, 2017


I'm a little late on my post for Five Minute Friday... Whoops! This week, the word is Need. I'm going to write for five minutes with very little editing. 

//Need. I think we all say that we "need" things a lot. We need more money, we need a better job, we need, need, and need. 

This week, I became very well . . .

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November 04, 2017

Day 31

Well, friends.

It is day 31.

We've traveled this month together, facing the tough things that come our way.

Our work is just beginning, friends.

There's more hard work on the way. Life isn't always fair, but God is always good.

As we travel through the tough things of life, I'm praying that we have the courage to face them . . .

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October 31, 2017