Rachel Dow

$2 Poetry

I have the awesome opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip next semester during spring break through an organization on campus called the Wesley Center.

In order to raise money for it, I'm going to be selling $2 poetry.

What do I need from you? 

A prompt! 

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If you'd like it on a nice . . .

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September 11, 2017

Obligation vs. Participation: Work

The prompt for this week is the word "Work." 

3, 2, 1... Ready? Go. 

//The word "work" often has a really negative connotation. It is something we have to do. We have to go to make money; we have to deal with the stress and the co-workers and the stuff that work throws at us.

Work is often obligation . . .

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September 08, 2017

The Church and Mental Health

This is going to be my soul on a page, so bear with me. It's time for a conversation. 

I am twenty-one. I am a Christian. And I struggle with anxiety and depression. Mental health can be a touchy subject within the body of Christ, and in the world around us.

It's messy. It's uncomfortable. It can be hard to understand.

. . .

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September 04, 2017

Are You My Neighbor?

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday Link-up by Kate Montaung!

The word for this week is "Neighbor." 3, 2, 1... Go.


Neighbor. El vecino in Spanish. The word has a heavy connotation to it, especially this past week with Hurricane Harvey.

Neighbor. Not one who just lives beside you, but one who does . . .

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September 02, 2017

Unnoticed: When the Necessary Becomes Boring

As human beings, we crave attention. We crave the satisfaction of knowing that someone has seen our job well done. We thrive when someone notices all the great things we're doing.

Sometimes, though, all the things we are called to do seem awfully thankless. It's tedious, sometimes, going to the same job or the same classes or doing the . . .

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August 31, 2017

Guidance in the Opposition

What do you think of when you heard the word guidance? Most often, I think of a path. I think of playing the game "follow the leader" as a child. I loved that game! I was good at following those around me.

As I've grown up, Jesus has challenged me-What would happen if I follow His guidance instead of the guidance of others around me?

. . .

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August 25, 2017


Speak. We all speak every single day. We communicate, we yell to catch someone's attention, we even use our words to sing. What we say has a lot of power. Proverbs 18:21 says that the tongue holds the power of life and death, and I've seen this first hand in my own life and in the lives of others. 

"Sticks and stones will break my . . .

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August 19, 2017