Rachel Dow

Test Me in This

I keep talking about prayer a lot through this 31 day journey... Prayer is not only important, but I'm also realizing that prayer changes things. That the same God who handcrafted all the beaches and oceans and you and I is listening to my prayers. I'm seeing that come to life in such a beautiful way in my own life. 

I . . .

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October 20, 2017

What is Wrong With Me?

I've been a part of the church since the moment I was born. I grew up in the church: from Sunday school to choir on Wednesday nights to play handbells to youth group later on, I was there. If the church doors were open, I was probably there.

As I've grown up in the church, I've had the privilege of seeing the body of Christ come . . .

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October 18, 2017

With the Dove in Mind

I'm learning more about prayer and the power that it really has, these days. I've always believed in the power of prayer, and have seen it in my own life. However, I had recently gotten pretty stagnant in my prayer life. I wasn't seeing God move. I felt like I was disconnected, and that my prayers were hitting a glass ceiling. Have you been . . .

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October 18, 2017

Where We Belong

God is a master at orchestrating things to work out for our good. I am amazed, time and time again, at the goodness that flows straight from Him into my own life at the exact moment that I need it. 

However, there are times that I question where I'm at in my life. Is this where I'm supposed to be? Is this where I belong? Is . . .

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October 18, 2017

Hope in Dark Places

If you've kept up with my blog posts this month, then you're familiar with the topic: we are journeying through Honest & Unfiltered: 31 Days of Tough Stuff! We're getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and that's a good thing. I am a lover of people, a lover of Christ, and am beginning to see how He has worked out so many . . .

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October 15, 2017

The Giver is Good

I just had a birthday on October 11th. I am now 22. I have a family full of awesome, thoughtful gift-givers. Who loves getting gifts? Yeah, me too! Don't we all? Especially on our birthdays, it helps us to feel special. It shows us that we are appreciated and needed. 

Gifts bless us: they are a display of admiration and . . .

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October 15, 2017


The prompt for this Friday is "Invite." 

Ready? 3... 2... 1... Go.

While Five Minute Fridays aren't really a part of my Honest & Unfiltered: 31 Days of Tough Stuff series, I really loved this word, invite.

And I think it's important to talk about.

There are so many different contexts which we can use the word . . .

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October 14, 2017


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